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This handbook describes the playing options that are available in our Skat programs. Note however, that all options are available only in our premium product, Rasche's Skat 6.0 and (with minor limitations) in Rasche's Skat 5.0.  The remaining "beginner" or "normal" versions (Rasche's Skat 4.0, Skat Profi, Skat, and Tom's Skat Express, Quick Skat) are missing significant options.  These limitations are explained in the relevant chapters.  All purchasers have the opportunity to upgrade to higher-level versions at attractive upgrade prices, however.  Current information is always available on our homepage (http://www.raschesgames.com) or you can simply e-mail us at:  support@raschesspiele.de . 

We offer free telephone support only to our premium level customers and to those customers (regardless of the product purchased) who have purchased directly from us.  Others should request support from the source of their software purchase.

They contain our games for Macintosh, PalmOS, PocketPC2002/2003, Win98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

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Contents (V2.0)

History and Rules
The History of Skat
The Basics
Once the Solist is Determined
General Considerations when Leading
Leading in Suit and Grand Games
Leading in Null
Rules and Advice for Ramsch
Scoring and Scorekeeping
Appendix: Official Rules
User Reference
Basic Settings
Keyboard Menu Choice
Settings Menu Choice
Additional Settings
Change suit names
Card games - you switch you game
Playing with the Story
Back room pictures
Game Mechanics
Your Cards Window
The Last Trick
Additional Window in "Ouvert" Games
Scores Window
Card Analysis
Manual "Deal"
Window of Cards Already Played
Game Day Results in League Play
League Table
Tournament Window
Base Values
Send Message
“Game” Menu
Small Cards
Grand Ordering
Old Game Again
Rest Mine
Give Up
Network Game
Next Pairing
Next Game Day
Go to Reception
New Activation Code
Manage Activation
Show registrations
Server- and Client Games
Appendix A: Installation for Macintosh
Installation (Windows-Computer)
Appendix B: System Requirements
Appendix C: In Case of a Problem
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