5. Silent Contra Announcements

This playing convention is one of the most controversial in Doppelkopf. Many are of the opinion that such an announcement goes against the rule that one must not give away one's partnership status except through specific announcement or play of the cards. If this is your view, then simply turn this option off.

Permit us to explain what lies behind this announcement. As a member of the Re-team, we would have a number of conventions of play including pausing during the play of the cards.

The Contra player can also use pauses. The main difference is that the Re-Player doesn't say "Contra", but rather simply waits a minute before playing a card. This behavior can be undertaken only when not playing first to the trick.

How do the other players interpret this pausing?

The questioner asks the question of the person who wins the trick to this point:

"Are you my Contra Partner? If so, then say, Contra immediately (before I play my card).


(a) 1st Trick Acd 9.Player 3 waits.

(b) 1st Trick: 10 9. Player 3 waits

The Contra-Query is generally made in the first trick and is appropriate when one is strong in trump, but does not hold the two D. Normally, one will also hold at least one Heart 10.

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