6. "Dullen" Queries

What this name means is that one asks his/her partner by "waiting" whether s/he holds a 10. The partner is obligated to answer with "Re/Contra or "No-90" and the answer must be given immediately.

Generally, the 10-Query, is made only by the player who plays first to the trick. The query can take place either in the first or second trick.

The following options are possible:

1. Contra-Partner waits, before playing the first card to the trick. The silent Contra-Announcement must be activated in the Settings Menu.

2. The first player leads10 (meaning that s/he is a member of the Re-team).

3. The leader to the trick announces Re/Contra then waits. (This player must hold the other 10).

4. Even after a determined partnership (Marriage) this query can be made.

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