7. Scoring

We concern ourselves here with what happens after all the cards have been played. The main issue is the determination of who has won and who has lost. First, the card points captured by each side are added up. This is automatically handled by the computer.

From the previously chapters, you know already that the Re-team (those holding the Club Queens) in a normal "Call" game must capture 61 card points in order to win. For the Contra team, the requirement is only 60 card points.

Capturing 91 or more points makes the other team "Schneider." 90 points is sufficient for the Contra team. Winning all of the tricks makes the other team "Schwarz." Both of these results add extra points to the score (See appendix E: Stakes)

The calculated values are doubled for announcements of Contra, Re, Supra, etc.. Consider an example:

The offensive (Re) team win with 95 card points. Contra and Re were also announced.

Altogether this results in 80 cents for each winner.

There are, of course, many other ways of calculating the scores. Simply look in the program for several options. You can also set the stake value of each point (1cent or 10 cents) as you wish.

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