This menu takes you directly to our homepage. Updates and improvements to our software may not always be covered in the documentation contained with the product. The link to our homepage, however, will always lead you to the latest information.

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"Check Updates...":
We’re continually improving our products and new versions are released approximately every two months. You download the newest version directly from our homepage and simply install it in your game folder.

The “Open Homepage” command will start your default browser and load our main internet site. The link, “Playing Styles Comparison” will show you the playing ability of our various programs with respect to each other. The Handbook includes information which was current as of April 4, 2005.

Selecting “Open Clubpage” will provide you with the latest club news.

Menu commands are particularly important for Windows users.

Quicktime is required for animations that are supported by some versions of our programs. The command, “Download Quicktime…” will take you directly to Apple Computer’s homepage where the Quicktime software can be downloaded. Earlier versions of Windows had Quicktime pre-installed, but this is no longer the case under Windows XP and the software must be downloaded manually.

The term CDROM-Handling has to do with the requirements for play without the CDROM being inserted into the CDROM drive [Win95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP customers only]. Not all Windows computers are suitable for playing without the CDROM. The menu item, “CDROM-Handling” under the Internet Menu will show whether a particular computer meets the requirements. You can obtain further information from our homepage (internet connection required. more ).

Note: Macintosh customers require the CDROM only for installation and registration of the program.

All Club members play without the CDROM independent of platform.

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