Anhang A: Installation

Note: This Chapter is only for the Macintosh-Computer.

We want your experience with our software to be a good one. Please read the following installation instructions carefully.

You will find two CDs in your package. The CD, "Kartenspiele der Fa. Rasche" is used only for the installation and activation process (described later). At this point, please set that CD aside and insert the other CD from your package. You will see the following:

The installation is straightforward. The demo versions are in the lower portions of the window.

Drag the appropriate folder to your hard disk.

Please look to the contents of this folder. You see:

The installation is straightforward: On the left side of the window in green are the German versions of our programs; the English versions are on the right side in blue. Please delete the version which you don`t want to use.

After the copying is complete, eject this CD from your computer and insert the other CD, "Kartenspiele der Fa. Rasche" or "Rasche`s Skat 5.0" to begin the activation process.

The next step: Double-click the icon,from the folder that you copied earlier to your hard disk.:

Do not click the icon that is on the CD. The registration window will appear:

If you obtained the game directly from us, you will find the required information on the letter that accompanies your CDs. Please type the required information EXACTLY as it appears in the letter. The activation process will not succeed unless you do so.

If you experience registration problems, please contact us directly first.

If you purchased the software from a third party please register your product with us anyway. Only by doing so can you receive attractively-priced updates and upgrades.

Now you're ready to play!

If you want to play without the CD in your computer, be sure that the card sets have been copied to your hard disk.

This is also true for the folder labeled,

which provides animations for the game.

Many other files are optional, but the following MUST be in the Skat folder on your hard disk:

Full instructions for play are available in the handbook which is labeled,

It is in html format and can be read with any web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.

In addition you'll find "test" versions of all of our games on the CD. Take a look and find out what you're missing!

If you have questions or comments, contact us at:

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