1.3 Settings Menu Choice

This dialog box allows the user to set the general rules under which the games are played:

In the box, "Partnership" you set which basic rules you want to use. The two top choices ("Fixed Partners" and "2 Cards") relate to the American rules. Selecting "1st Trick" gives you the option of calling an ace or having the winner of the first trick as your partner in all cases. Normally the first trick option can only be called, if you are unable to call an ace.

The "German Call" check box selects the Bavarian rules.
Below the basic rules settings there are several other options that customize the rules according to widely-played options. Not all options are available at all times.

- official rules

- Regulars' Rules

- Playing Mode

This section gives you the opportunity to switch between a normal 4-person game and Practice/Analysis Mode.

"Practice/Analysis Mode" provides a couple of extra windows not available in a normal game.

Additional functions are also available including:

The score sheet is not updated in Practice Mode.

In "4-Person" mode you can enter separate names for the individual players. More important, however, is to set a playing style for each of the computer opponents using the popup menu.

Please don`t forget, you cann`t choose any playing styles, because with the V 2.0 there is only the first 4. The V3.0 offers already 8 types of play to them, thus to "Expert". The further 8 types ("p-long-term" and "professional") still are in the development and
are for testing only to our club members. You find more information to our club membership under:


- Suggestion Type
This popup menu allows you to enter the playing style that the computer uses when making a suggestion for you.

- "Mrs."
Enter how you wish to be addressed.

- "Your Name"
Please enter your name here.

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