3.8 Manual "Deal"

Note: This function is only available with Rasche`s Schafkopf 3.0 or higher.

In this window you can distribute the cards to the various players manually in order to test various playing strategies.

The cards currently held by the three players are shown in the area below.

Clicking the "Reset" button clears the cards currently held by the players and places them in the fields above organized by suit. They can then be allocated manually to the players one of two methods. A double click on any card in one of the above fields will move it to the next available space in one of the hands below. Alternatively, you can click on a card and drag it to the desired position below.

You need not worry about how the cards are organized within a hand. Sorting will take place automatically when this window is closed.

Don't forget to use the popup menu in the upper right to enter the name of the player who leads to the first trick (forehand).

If you want to exchange all cards between players use the "Exchange cards" feature which is available in the Edit menu:

"turn right - Clockwise" causes each player to pass his cards to the player on his left.

"Player 1 and 2" causes you to exchange cards with the player on your left. You are always player 1. The player on your left is player 2. The player on your right is player 4.

The remaining choices are self-explanatory.

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