3. Game Mechanics

The rest of this handbook assumes that you are familiar with the general operation of your Macintosh. If this is not the case, please first read the User`s Guide for your machine.

For better orientation, the Schafkopf/Sheepshead menu bar is presented again below:

or windows

The most important menus will now be described. Most common functions are found under the File menu.

or windows

Select ”New...” to begin a new game. Only one game can be open at a time.

Select ”Open...” to open a previously-saved game. A dialog box will then appear for you to select the saved file.

Select ”Close” to close the active window. Closing the “Your Cards…” window also ends the current game.

Use ”Save” und ”Save as...” to save the current game in a file that can later be opened with the "Open...”command.

Use ”Preferences” to establish the basic settings (see Chapter).

Use “Page Setup...” and “Print...” to print out the score sheet, the game day results and the league and tournament tables. Today only for Macintosh

End the game with ”Quit.”

No matter how you end a game, you will be asked if it should be saved.
This dialog box allows the following keyboard shortcuts:


In the Window Menu, you can call up additional windows to display assorted information. Their description follows. Which windows can be opened depends on the playing mode you have selected in the Settings Dialog (see also Chapter 1.0).

Note: The menu commands "Card Analysis", "Game Day Results", "League Table", "Championship Table", "Server" and "Send Message" are not available yet.

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