Playing with the Story

When playing with a story, your main goal is to accumulate enough money to purchase a plane ticket home and thereby to live to a ripe old age.

All of the other alternatives end up in the cemetery. One of these alternatives is starvation. You can determine your current level of nourishment through the following indicator:

The bar on the left designates your state of hunger; the bar on the right, thirst. When a bar turns red (as the "thirst" bar now shows), it means that you should seek food or liquids in the restaurant before it is too late. Use the Game Menu to go to the restaurant.

From the Reception area, you can enter eight room in which the game is played for money. An exception is the training room which is simply for practice. There's nothing to win (or lose) there. The maximum amount of the game stakes varies by room and you cannot enter a room until you have indicated the stakes for which you wish to play.

In addition, you can also increase the amount of your possible winnings by selecting various options. Select these options before entering the room.

In addition you can naturally increase your possible pot also by additional options. Try it out nevertheless simply times. Behind the "Rules" button you can modify your rules to the last mark.

The Wager area determines whether you play for points or simply to win or lose.

You can choose either to play for a certain wager per net point won or simply try to be in first place following a certain number of hands (specified in the Game menu).

If you play for points, your Capital (Pot) will be updated at the end of each hand. But note, bankrupt players end up in the cemetery and play ends.

In some rooms, you can also play for your "life" (actually your Soul). If you lose here, the Devil appears to carry you off.

Especially at the beginning of play, it can happen that you don't have enough money to enter a particular room. In this case, "Harry" appears at the door and let's you know that it's not yet possible to enter.

Leaving a Game Room

In most cases, you can leave a game room and return to the Reception by using the Game Menu. This is not always advisable, however. When playing for points, for example, you may incur a penalty when leaving a room prior to the end of a game. The penalty depends on the stakes that you specify when entering the room. Be careful about this since it can quickly bankrupt you; or even even have more dire consequences.

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