Appendix B: System Requirements

Recommended system configuration:

Macintosh with 68020 Processor (LC, Mac II, or higher), Color or grey-scale monitor, System 7.5 or higher.

Minimum System Required: Macintosh Plus with hard disk, 6 MB RAM

Rasche`s Skat 6.0: System 8.6 or higher
Memory Requirements for Skat

The total amount of memory required depends heavily on what elements of the program you use: Do you play with sounds? If you use additional card sets, which ones? Nonetheless, the following minimums can be given:

ca. 22 MB

The RAM required the program and card sets is somewhat more than half of space taken up by them on the hard disk. You can change the amount of RAM allocated to the Skat program by selecting the program icon and choosing "Get Info" under the File menu.

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