Manage Activation

The registration process is handled through the following window. You call it up from within the program: In the internet menu, select the command, Manage Activation Code:

In the upper third you can see how much longer your activation is valid and with, “Show Activations” you can have displayed all of the registration options for which you are registered. On a Macintosh, this information is displayed for all of our games. Under Windows only information for the current game is shown.

When you enter your Shop-/Club-Code for the first time in the registration window you have 10 days to connect to our server in order to complete your registration. This is accomplished either with an e-mail to us or via a direct registration (Send Direct).

If you have purchased only a single license, then you may use our products only on one computer and you must indicate in your e-mail to us which computer you want to use and for how long. Be sure to use for the registration process the actual computer that you want to use for playing. Moving your license to another computer can only take place at the end of the registration period that you specify.

To make these details clear, here’s an example:

    Let’s suppose that your Club Code is valid for one year. You could, for example, specify a license period of 3 months for computer A. This would give you an additional 9 months either for this computer or to switch to another computer (B) at a later point. (If you want to use more than one computer within the same time period, you will require a second license)

All of this information is entered in this window. In the first step, you specify how long you want to play on this particular computer.

Note: If you have already extended your membership – since the last connection with the server – you will not yet see this information updated. This will be confirmed in an e-mail for this purpose.

In the second step, you select whether you want to register by sending an e-mail or through the use of a “direct send/connection.

1st possibility: “Send Direct” --

If you are not already connected to the internet, then set up your connection before beginning. As soon as you click on “Send Direct,” our program will attempt to make a connection to our Club server. Immediately afterward, you will receive a response to your registration request.

2. Possibility

Simply click on, "Copy to Clipboard." Then start your e-mail program and call up a new e-mail. The text can then simply be pasted into the e-mail from the clipboard.. The address should be "". Please do not type the text into the e-mail as errors are likely. Or you can click to "Direct Send". At this time point you have an internet connection, because your programm sends a message to our club server.

If you are using a Macintosh, you can simply click on "Send E-Mail" which will automatically create the e-mail for you. You can then simply click, "Send" to finish this step.

Note: The EMAIL have to be a plain text message.

You will then hear from us by return e-mail within one or two days.

Your registration e-mail is handled by our automated server which creates your club code and stores the registration informaiton. This ensures that each code can be used only once and matches to a specific computer ID. Once the information is received and checked, you will receive an automated response with your code. For security, this is sent to you as an encrypted message..

What do I do with the Confirmation E-Mail?

When you have received our confirmation e-mail, please do the following:

Changing Computer Registration (1 License)

Our programs can normally be used on one computer during the activation period and that a change of registration can only occur at the end of a registration period. Note, however, that the activation period for a particular computer may not be the entire duration of your club membership.

Consider the following example:

You don't have to wait until the end of a registration period, however. Generally, you may change computers during the last 14 days of any registration period. Here's what you do:

It's quite simple since you are already familiar with the 'Manage Code...' command and the associate window (show partially below):

We are concerned here only with the part of the window in the upper left. You will see the buttons, "Export" and "Import." First go to the computer that currently has a license. Click on the "Export" button. This will save your license information as a file.

Copy this file to the "target" computer using any method you wish: e-mail, diskette, portable hard drive, etc.

On the other computer, use the Administer Code command to display the registration window.

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