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This dialog box concerns itself primarily with the visual display of the program:

In the upper part, the size and type of cards is specified.

- "Window Size:"
You can choose between three different window sizes. The options (measured in pixels) is given in parentheses.

- "Color Depth:"
Usually, you should select 16-bit (32768 colors) because most pictures/animations contain more than 256 colors. The 256-color option is only for older Macintoshes with small amounts of system memory or hard disk space.

- "Popup Menu: Card Set"
This popup menu shows all available card sets that are in the same folder with the Skat program.

- "Popup Menu: Motive"
This popup menu shows all available back room pictures that are in the same folder with the Skat program.(only for Rasche`s Skat 5.5/6.0 or higher). For the other versions, not all scenes and levels are available. Check the specific product descriptions to determine which are available in which versions.

- "Full Size"
Selecting this option will display the cards full size (not just the upper half) in the main window. The cards lie one over the other as if held in your hand.

- "Bigger cards at the tabel"
Selecting this option will display the cards bigger at the table. This option is for the 2D-motive.

- "Super Small Cards"
This is primarily intended for small screens. In all card windows except for your own, an especially small representation of the cards is used. Using this option will also reduce the attractiveness of the cards, however

- "With Animation"
This setting selects whether character animations with QuickTime films are used. If not selected, animations will we turned off in certain areas of the program.

- "Play with Story"
Skat 5.0 or higher users have the option to play with or without the fantasy story feature. Without the story, the interface functions as in the Skat 4.0/Skat Profi/Tom`s Skat Express version. We recommend that you play with the story option selected. This will enhance your enjoyment of the game and will enable all six playing venues.

- “Card Sorting
The middle section of the settings menu allows you to have the cards sorted as you are accustomed to viewing them. Left/Right Sorting determines whether cards are sorted high to low from the left or from the right. To place the Jacks “outside” rather than arranging them with the trump suit, select the menu choice “outside.”

Players who play Skat together often, discover that their opponents arrange their cards in a particular way. This is valuable information that good players don't want to disclose. Try switching card sorting off and play without a particular organization of your hand in order to prevent others from making inferences about your cards.

Our Recommendation: Try things out a bit. The current settings can be immediately viewed by clicking on the “Apply” button.

- "Number of Pairings in the Tournament Window"
When you enter Tournament mode, enter in this position how many player pairs should be displayed in the Tournament window. More information about this will be given later.

- “Play next trick after...
The first card of the next trick is played automatically after a pause that you set in 1/10 of a second increments.

- "Play Cards ..."
This setting allows you to play a card with a single or double click of the mouse.

- "Give Up —> Show Cards"
Clicking this option will display the hand of a simulated player who has overbid and gives up.

- “Keep Individual Statistics
Selecting this option will summarize the results of all games and display them in a separate window.

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