1.6 Network

Note: This functionality is available only on Macintosh in the "classic" environment (through System 9.2.1). Network games are planned for a future version of the program.

This dialog box is important when several people want to play together at the same time over a network

In order to play with several people, it is necessary for the Skat program to take over the server function. To accomplish this, the box, "Network Game" must be clicked. The other players can then connect to the so-called "Server" under the File Menu choice, "Connect" on their computers.

If you're playing a tournament, for example, with more than 3 people, it can make sense to use one Skat program purely as a server since otherwise the response may be slowed if all try to play on the same program. It`s also possible to set the program automatically to save the game periodically, for example in case the electricity fails. Server operation allows each player to play in a pairing at a convenient time and when the mood strikes.

Each player requires a separate license number for server play. If you don't yet have a sufficient number of licenses, they can be ordered directly from us.

Note: Each individual client (i.e., each Skat program started on each computer) must have a different registration number.

Selecting "Hints (for beginners)" displays an additional window showing, for example, who the Soloist is at any point. If you would rather ignore this additional information, simply switch off this function.

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