1. Basic Settings

This section explains how you can adjust the Skat Program to suit your personal preferences. For this purpose, five dialog boxes are available under the Preferences item in the File Menu. They are grouped under View, Keyboard, Settings, Sounds and Network.

or under windows

View - Dialog

Keyboard Menu Choice - Dialog

Settings Menu Choice - Dialog

Additional Settings - Dialog

Sounds- Dialog

Network - Dialog

Change suit names

If you are using our software under Windows, there are two additional commands in the Settings Menu Choicw.

Selecting, “Install Animations” will copy the Film folder from your CDROM into the game folder on your hard disk. You can also copy the files manually. This function is only required if you did not elect to play with animation during the initial installation of the program and want to do so later. This will speed up the play of the program since the film files will be read from your hard disk rather than from the CD.

Selecting “Create Shortcut at Desktop...” will add a shortcut to the program on your desktop. This way, you will be able to start up the program anytime.

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