1.3 Settings Menu Choice

This dialog box allows the user to set the general rules under which the games are played:

The specific choices have the following meanings:

- Official Rules

This section sets the rules of play. Clicking “Official Rules” plays according to the official Skat rules. This mainly means that the cards will be re-dealt when all players pass.

For those players not desiring a “friendly reminder” when they fail to follow suit, the choice “Misplay —> Lost” plays according to the actual rules: misplay results in a lost hand for the party not following suit.

Clicking the choice “with Performance Rating,” changes the calculation at the end of a hand. According to this calculation, undertaking a large number of hands is rewarded, not just defending. The game values are not changed, but bonus points are added. 50 points are added to the game value for a game won by the Soloist. They are subtracted, if the Soloist loses and 40 points are awarded (without the game value) to each of the two opponents.

- Other Common Variations

Alterations to the official rules often made by regular players can be enabled with the following menu choices: Grand can have a base value of 20 rather than 24. The very-popular Ramsch game can be played when no player bids at least 18.

Clicking “Double/Redouble” gives players the opportunity to double and redouble the game values. When a defender thinks that the Soloist will lose the announced game, he or she can say, “Double.” Redoubling is then possible for the Soloist who believes that the game will be won anyway. These announcements result in a doubling and quadrupling of the score respectively. With some experience, you’ll learn when to double and when it is better not to do so.

Note: “Double” can be said only by a player who has bid at least 18 and must be announced before the first trick has been removed from the table.

According to the official rules, games played “Hand” do not have the points doubled when they are lost.
If you do not wish to play by this rule, select the box, “Hand Game Lost —> Counts Double.

Under “More…” further settings such as Bock Rounds can be selected.

- Mode

These choices allow you to select between a normal 3-Person game, Practice/Analysis Mode, and League or Tournament play.

Note: League and tournament play is available only with Rasche's Skat 5.0/6.0 or higher and Rasche's Skat 3.2.

In "Practice/Analysis Mode" a couple of additional windows are available that cannot be activated in a normal game.

These include:
- Display of your opponents’ cards (Call up under Window Menu).
- Display of cards already played (Call up under Window Menu).
- A hand can be played again with the same cards. (Call up under Game Menu).

In Practice/Analysis mode, however, the score sheet is not updated and League and Tournament play are not possible.

In "3-Person Mode" each player can have an individual name. The more important setting, however, is the playing style for each computer player that is entered with the Popup Menus.

Selecting “Mechanical” causes the player to bid progressively to the maximum in every case, while “Very Cautious” means that the player will make no bids that are very risky. Try alternative settings and see which suits you best.

The “Optimized” setting causes the computer to change the player’s style depending on the score. A player with a substantial lead in the score becomes cautious. Similarly, “Poker Jack” leaves little to chance. Rather, the computer player “peeks” in the Skat before bidding. Given this, one must be very careful not to under bid in Poker Jack. These two style options are available only in Macintosh versions operating in "classic" mode (through System 9.2.1).

Rasche`s Skat 4.0/Skat Profi/Skat offers only the styles, "Home Player" and "Advanced." These are the same as the ones found in Skat 3.2.

We improve the playing style "P-Long Run" bzw. "Prof." for Skat V6.0 or higher.

A comparison of the playing styles can be seen in the following table.

Twenty-eight simulated players participated in league tournament. There were 3,276 pairings each playing 2,000 hands. That made for a total of 6,552,000 hands altogether! The areas marked in yellow show the results of the playing routines from version 5.2 using the Professional and Expert playing styles.

The "type" column shows the basic style. In addition, (E) means "expert". "(P-S)" stands for profesional routines that incorporate long-run planning strategy. "(Home)" stands for casual players and "(Adva)" for advanced skill levels.

Things are somewhat more complicated in “League” Mode. In normal 3-Person Mode you already know that there are at most two opponents. This limitation is removed in League play where up to 49 players are possible. Of course, this number cannot play against each other all at the same time. Thus, pairings are made by the computer and, similar to football playoffs, take place on different “game days.” The number of participating players can be entered and the number of hands that each must play per pairing. When this number of hands is reached, the pairing is automatically ended. League play always takes place in Server Mode. Whether human or simulated by the computer, each player plays in the pairings determined by the program. The ranking of the players is shown in a League table. The player with the highest score at the end of a pairing receives 2 Match points, the second place finisher receives 1 point.

Clicking on "Typ" brings up an additional window in which you can select the individual playing styles participate in the tournament or league play.

Similar to League play is Tournament Mode. The main difference is that after each game day, half of the players are eliminated from further play. The winner of each pairing automatically qualifies for the next round. All of the second place finishers and the best of the third place finishers qualify for the “Playoff Round.” First place finishers in a Playoff Round pairing advance to the next round. The rest are eliminated. Thus, 50% of the players beginning a round remain at the end of each game day. You can select and enter the number of hands in each pairing and the total number of game days in the tournament.

- Suggestion Type
This popup menu allows you to enter the playing style that the computer uses when making a suggestion for you.

- "Your Name"
Please enter your name here as you would like to be registered with Skat program on a server. Double names will be rejected by the server.

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