4.0 ”Game” Menu

This is one of the most important Menus. It can be used to call up help, alter the way the cards are represented on the screen, and change the game type.

4.1 Suggestion

This command calls up context-sensitive playing suggestions from the program. When bidding, for example, the program will suggest the highest bid value and corresponding game type given your cards. As the Soloist, the program will suggest two cards to be put away in the Skat. During play, the you can ask for a suggestion about which card to lead or to play given the lead of an opponent. The suggestion is marked on the appropriate card.

4.2 Super small Cards

This is primarily intended for small screens. In all card windows except for your own, an especially small representation of the cards is used. Using this option will also reduce the attractiveness of the cards, however

4.3 Grand Ordering

This command switches between two sortings of your cards. Under the so-called “Grand Ordering,” the Jacks are shown as part of the trump suit and the cards are ordered according to the Ace, 10 ranking as in Suit, Grand, or Ramsch games.

Alternatively, a “Null Ordering” can be selected in which the Jacks and 10s follow the Queen in their respective suits as in a Null game.

Normally, the program automatically selects the appropriate ordering for the game being played.

4.4 Double/Redouble

This menu choice announces double (or redouble) which doubles (quadruples) the value of the game. The defensive partners would “double” the game when they think that the Soloist cannot win the announced game. The Soloist may then answer, “Redouble.” That results in a quadrupling of the final score (won or lost).

Note: In order to announce “Double” one must have bid at least 18 and the first trick must not yet have been removed from the card table.

4.5 Old Game Again

With this command it is possible to replay a hand with the same cards beginning with the bidding. As a safety measure, a separate window will ask you to confirm that you really want to play the old hand again.

Note: This function is only available in “Practice/Analysis Mode” (see Chapter 1). The score sheet will not update the scores in this mode.

4.6 Rest Mine

By selecting this function during a hand, the Soloist announces that he or she will take all of the remaining tricks. At the same time, the Soloist's cards are laid face-up on the table. If the Defenders dispute the announcement, they can demand that play continue. In the event that the Defenders manage to take a trick, all outstanding card points at the time of the Soloist's announcement go to the Defenders.

4.7 Give Up

This function will give up the game. The opponents (either the Soloist or Defenders) thereby win the hand and the remaining cards are counted for the winners. A separate window asks you to confirm this choice.

4.8 Network Game

This switches between Server mode and a normal game.

Note: At present, network games are available only on Macintosh computers and only under Classis (up to System 9.2.1). We plan to expand this functionality to other platforms in future versions.

4.9 Next Pairing

When a pairing is ended during League play, use this command to call up a new pairing from the server.

As an example, if two human players have not yet played against each other and want to do so now, one must click on "Wait" and, after that, the other clicks on "Now."

Note: This function is available only with Rasche's Skat 5.0 & 6.0 or higher and 3.2.

4.10 Next Game Day

If all games with human participants are finished, selecting “Next Game Day” causes the program to simulate the results for the remaining open pairings. The following window then appears:

In Tournament play either the Playoff Round or the next Game Day follows immediately.

Note: This function is only available with Rasche's Skat 5.0 & 6.0 or higher and Rasche's Skat 3.2.

4.11 Go to Reception

This takes you directly to the reception area. Note that you may lose your stakes when doing so.

Note: This window is available only when playing with the "Story" option (View Window). (Only with Rasche's Skat 5.0 or higher).

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