5. Ramsch

This game is played when all three players pass and the official rules have not been selected. The Skat is not taken up and the playing of the cards begins immediately. The trick-taking rules are those of Grand, i.e., only the Jacks are trump.

After the ten tricks have been played, the loser is the player who has captured the most card points. He or she is also credited with the points contained in the Skat and this total is subtracted from his or her score. If a player takes no tricks, then the loss of the loser is doubled. Alternatively, if a player is able to take all of the tricks ("Shoot the Moon"), then he or she records a positive score of 120 and the others receive nothing.

If the highest point total is held by two players, the loser is the one of them who took the last trick. After a hand of Ramsch, normal play resumes.

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