3.7 Card Analysis

Note: This function is only available with Rasche's Skat 5.0 & 6.0 and Rasche's Skat 3.2

This window will help you to generate an analysis of your cards.

During the bidding, you can call up an analysis of possible bids. For each of the playing styles, a maximum bid value and game type will be displayed. The first row in the upper part of the table always shows the styles that you have selected in the Settings window (see the section, "Setting Playing Styles" in the Basics Settings chapter.).

Once the bidding is complete, two additional types of analyses are available:

With the "Card Analysis" the computer takes over your cards and playes them different ways. The table then displays the number of card points taken by your hand and designates who won. You can also show the cards that were been played in the individual tricks (see the section describing the window of cards already played).

The lower portion of the window allows you to do a combinations analysis of your cards. The computer determines all possible ways your cards could be played and then simulates all of them against your opponents given established the playing styles.

These results then can be used to calculate the various probalilities (win, schneider, schwarz). These calculations can take substantial amounts of time. The actual amount required depends on the number of combinations. The lower right side of the window allows you to select criteria under which the calculations will be broken off early thus reducing the calculation time.

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