6. Server- and Client Games

Note: This function is only available with Rasche's Skat 5.0 & 6.0 or higher and Rasche's Skat 3.2.

We must first clarify what must be set up on the Server when several people want to play Skat together. League and Tournament games are always played in Server mode. Normal 3-Person games are only played over a Server when at least two people want to play together. When the command, “New” is selected in the File menu during a Server game, the following window appears:

One must then wait until all other players have logged onto the Server (see below) and their names entered into the pairings.

Once all players are logged on, “I” can be clicked, resulting in the following Server window:

It’s the job of this window to display various information about who plays with whom, how many players are playing, what is being played, etc..

Note: Don’t forget to start the Server function under Preferences in the File menu. Also, be sure to turn on “Program Linking” in the Sharing Setup Control Panel.

This section describes what the individual players must do to log onto the Server. It’s really quite simple. They must first start the program on their respective computers and then select “Connect…” in the file menu. This brings up the following window:

Select in the left side of the table, the name of the Macintosh on which the Server is running. On the right is displayed all currently-connected Skat programs. In this window the client, “Skat” and the server “Skat Server” are shown. The displayed names are identical to the file names of the individual connected programs. If the Server is not visible, it can be the case that the Sharing function has not been activated on the Server program (see note above).

Once you have been accepted by the server, simply wait until all players have logged onto the Server. At this point, the pairings will be made automatically by the computer. If a hand is already in progress, one must request a new pairing by selecting “Next Pairing” in the Game menu. Things work exactly as described in section 2.1 at this point.

The server can reject your attempt to log on for the following reasons:

- Your serial number is already allocated. This usually means that more people want to play than there are serial numbers available. If so, you don’t have to buy a new Skat version. Simply expand the number of serial numbers. Contact us to do so at an attractive price. It may also be the case that someone has illegally copied your program and is already playing with it on the Server.

- You receive the message that you are already logged onto the Server. This will be the case when someone else with the same name is already logged onto the Server. The individual names can be changed with the Settings command in the Preferences menu (see section 1.3).

Note: You must be running System 7.x on your Macintosh in order to use the Server function since the communication takes place over Apple Events.

Playing with Several People

If you play with several people on a server, in a league game, for example, you will soon see that calling up a new pairing under the Game menu allows you to select between "Now" and "Wait."

Clicking on "Now" will cause the Server (the Manager of this game type) to display immediately whether pairings exist in which you have not already played and whether all players in the pairing are presently available. This second requirement is very important when playing with several people, since there may be a number of pairings in which at least two human players must play against each other. In order to establish these pairings, all human players must select a new pairing and then click on "Wait." The computer then knows that you desire a new pairing and will wait for additional partners, if necessary. The last person to call up a new pairing must then click on "Now." At that point, the Server allocates the pairings to those who are waiting.

Connecting to a Game Running on a Server

This is also relevant only when playing with several people. How you set up a connection with the Server is described in the handbook. We assume that you have already been accepted by the server.

What do you do now? Select a new game with "New" under the File menu and the game window appears. You can now select a new pairing from the Server with the command, "Next Pairing" under the Game menu.

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