3.1 Your Cards Window

The entire card pack is played out in this window. It shows your hand and also serves as the card table. After selecting the command, ”New Deal” in the Game menu the hand begins with the bidding.

The lower window section displays your cards. The contents of the upper part change according to whether you’re bidding, putting away cards in the Skat, or playing the hand.

In the screen above, the bidding has already begun. The display, ”Bid Value” always shows the highest current bid.

In den Sprechblasen neben den Personen wird immer die aktuelle Ansage der Person angezeigt.

Note:If you click on one of the computer players, you will see additional information about that player's status. Information for the person to your right is shown in the area to the right of ”Pass”. The picture in the corner indicates who has dealt the cards (Rearhand). The picture shows the player sitting in Forehand.

If both simulated players have had to pass, you must determine whether you want to play a game and, if so, whether to play it “Hand” (”Play Hand”-button) or to use the Skat (”Use Skat”). Deciding to use the Skat, displays the Skat as shown below (the actual cards shown, of course, vary):

In this example, all 12 of your cards can be seen. Über Ihre Karten wird angezeigt, whether you sit in Forehand, Middlehand, or Rearhand. The two cards to be put away in the Skat must be indicated with a double click of the mouse. They are then crossed out and designated with the word, ”Skat.”

You must also enter the game type that you want to play by using the corresponding popup menu in the upper right. “Ouvert, Schneider, and Schwarz” can be entered only when playing “Hand.” More about the rules can be found in the electronic handbook.

After everything has been entered, begin the play by clicking on the button, ”Put Away & Begin.

The card table will look as follows:

The upper part of the window now shows three boxes for cards at the table. The card that you play is always shown in the middle position. Those of your opponents are shown left and right, as you know from the bidding. The cards are played out according to the appropriate rules. To play a card, simply double click on the one desired (to View-Dialog). Alternatively, you can click on a card and (holding the mouse button down) drag it to the correct table position. It’s sufficient to move the card into position at which point it will be considered to have been played and cannot be taken back.

The player whose turn it is to play a card is indicated by the (red) arrows in the area located above your card position.

When one card is played by each player, clicking on ”Put Away” will remove them from the table and allow the next trick to be played.

If you win the trick, you can put it away and play out the next card in one step simply by double clicking / single clicking immediately the card that you want to lead to the next trick. This speeds up play and saves a mouse click.

Once all ten tricks have been played or when the hand otherwise ends (the Soloist take a trick in Null, for example) the hand is over and a winner or winners is determined and the following window appears.

The picture displays the result immediately from your perspective.

In addition, other information involved in the game calculation is displayed (the highest bid, the original Skat cards, the base value of the game, the game points, whether with or without, Schneider, etc.).

Clicking ”New Deal” re-deals the cards and begins the bidding process again.

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